Youth Wellness Hubs

If you are 12 to 25 years old and looking for help, visit a Youth Wellness Hub in your community. Get free access to:

  • counselling and therapy
  • primary health care
  • substance use support
  • social services
  • housing
  • employment and training 

Programs, services and supports

Contact your local Youth Outreach Worker Program to get connected to programs and support to help you feel safe and stay engaged in your community, including:

  • mentorship
  • help finding programs and services that are right for you
  • gang prevention and intervention
  • conflict and violence support
  • human trafficking resources
  • advocates for Black students and families 

Get help finding a youth or student job

Students and young people who are looking for a job can get help regardless of your background or circumstances.

Health and wellness

Learn about OHIP+

If you’re 24 or under and you don’t have a private plan, you can get prescription drug coverage if you have a health card and an eligible prescription.

Find mental health services

Find mental health support, helplines and resources for people under the age of 18.

Education and learning

Go to college or university

Get the low-down about learning at Ontario’s public universities, colleges or registered private career colleges.

Indigenous students

Find out about Indigenous Institutes, colleges and universities, and available funding to study in Ontario.

Skilled trades

Learn about school programs that can help you explore more than 140 skilled trades as careers of choice.

Learn about OSAP

Find out how you can get help paying for college or university. See if you’re eligible and how much you can get.

Student loans, grants, scholarships and bursaries

See where to find money that can help you pay for a college, university or apprenticeship program after high school.

Violence and human trafficking

Find service providers offering specialized supports for children and youth who have been sex trafficked or are at risk. 

Youth who are in trouble with the law

Youth justice system

Find out what happens when young people between ages 12 and 17 at the time of their offence get in trouble with the law.

Cannabis related offenses

If you have come into contact with the law because of a cannabis related offense, police or the courts could refer you to the Youth Cannabis Diversion Program instead of charging you, going ahead with a prosecution or imposing a fine. This is an online program designed to help you make positive choices by teaching you about:

  • the risks associated with cannabis use
  • laws related to cannabis
  • the impacts of cannabis use

Support for youth-serving organizations

Get financial support: Youth Opportunities Fund

If you’re part of a youth-led grassroots group or youth-focused community organization that helps at-risk youth, you can apply to get an annual grant and capacity building support. The Youth Opportunities Fund invests in initiatives that allow young people to build the skills they need to:

  • stay engaged in school
  • advance 21st century hard and soft skills
  • build strong and healthy peer relationships
  • navigate and expand resources in their communities

Research and evaluation exchange: YouthREX

Through YouthREX, youth workers can access:

  • resources to support their work and amplify the voices and experiences of young people in Ontario 
  • professional development opportunities 

YouthREX also:

  • supports the development and evaluation of youth programs
  • conducts research about youth and youth workers in Ontario

Reports, plans and strategies

Stepping Stones

Read the strategic framework to guide the delivery of high quality supports and services for youth aged 12 to 25 across Ontario. Stepping Stones is designed to help anyone who works with or cares for youth to identify and respond to their needs at each stage of their development.

Premier’s Council on Equality of Opportunity

Learn about members of the council and how they are helping young people achieve their economic goals.

Black Youth Action Plan

Find out how we’re working toward eliminating systemic, race-based disparities by increasing opportunities for Black children, youth and families in Ontario.