Part 1 - Introduction

This document is the Greenhouse Nutrient Feedwater Management Protocol (GNF Management Protocol or Protocol) which is adopted by reference in whole by Ontario Regulation 300/14 (Regulation) made under the Nutrient Management Act 2002, S.O. 2002 (NMA). It sets out requirements that are complementary to and in addition to those set out in the Regulation.

The requirements of this Protocol form part of the Regulation and are legally enforceable. Anyone reading this document should ensure that they have the most recent version of the Regulation, this Protocol, the GNF Management Table and the GNF Sampling and Analysis Protocol.

Any term used in this Protocol that is defined in the Regulation or the NMA has the same meaning as in the Regulation or the NMA. In addition, any reference to Greenhouse Nutrient Feedwater (GNF) includes a mixture resulting from the mixing of GNF with other GNF or liquid agricultural source materials as permitted under the Regulation except where otherwise indicated in this Protocol.