This Part sets out content requirements for GNF strategies that are in addition to those requirements set out in Part IV of the Regulation.

6.1. Required contents of a GNF strategy

The GNF strategy must include the following information:

The sketch of the farm unit may be a photograph or a map (either hand-drawn or computer-generated). A controller(s) of the greenhouse operation(s) may choose to do more than one sketch if it is not possible to show the land belonging to the farm unit on one map or if there is too much information for one. Every sketch must be neat and readable.

The GNF strategy must demonstrate that the minimum storage capacity for the greenhouse operation meets the requirements set out in section 46 of the Regulation.

A confirmation that the controller(s) is aware when an engineer is required, as per the Regulation, must be submitted with the strategy. The controller may choose to use the "Engineer's Requirement Form".

  1. A written description of each greenhouse operation on the farm unit at the time of strategy preparation or at the time of the applicable update. The written description must include the following:
    1. The total crop production area (plants grown within the area enclosed by walls and a roof) of each greenhouse operation on the farm unit;
    2. A list of the types of crops grown, in the greenhouse(s);
    3. A description of how often GNF is reasonably expected to be generated;
    4. A description of the size (animal numbers) and type of livestock facilities (e.g. hogs, dairy, etc.) within the farm unit, if liquid agricultural source materials is to be mixed with GNF;
    5. A description of the type and volume of any liquid agricultural source materials that is to be mixed with GNF if any, including the name and contact information for the controller of the operation that is transferring the material;
    6. The number of NUs in GNF reasonably expected to be generated by the greenhouse operation(s) on the farm unit in any calendar year; and
    7. Despite the requirement above to provide a written description of each greenhouse operation on the farm unit, provide the number of NUs in and the volume of externally generated GNF reasonably expected to be received on the farm unit of the operation(s) in any calendar year.
  2. The declaration required by section 20 of the Regulation must also include the following information:
    1. Contact information for the controller(s) of the greenhouse operation(s) to which the GNF strategy applies;
    2. Name, Legal Farm Name, Municipal Address, Telephone Number and Farm Unit Registration number (if available) to which the GNF strategy applies;
    3. Type of operation(s) comprising the Farm Unit (e.g. greenhouse, livestock, cash crop); and
    4. Location and Identification of land that is part of the Farm Unit including: Municipality/Civic Address(es), Assessment Roll Number(s), Upper/Lower Tier Municipality(ies), Concession(s) and Lot(s) where applicable.
  3. A sketch of the farm unit on which the greenhouse operations are located that includes the following:
    1. Location(s) of land that makes up the farm unit (i.e. lot and concession);
    2. Road names and/or municipal boundaries that are adjacent to or contained within the farm unit;
    3. Location of all agricultural operations subject to this regulation at the farm unit;
    4. Location of greenhouse(s) generating GNF;
    5. Location of existing and proposed permanent GNF storage facilities, with the capacity of each shown; and
    6. Identification and location of any of the features listed in A. - D. below with distances indicated from the feature to any greenhouse or permanent GNF storage facility:
      1. Known wells within 30 m of any greenhouse or permanent GNF storage facility;
      2. Municipal wells within 100 m of any greenhouse or permanent GNF storage facility;
      3. Known tile inlets and outlets within 50 m of any greenhouse or permanent GNF storage facility; and
      4. Surface waters within 150 m of any greenhouse or permanent GNF storage facility.
  4. The analytical results provided by a laboratory for each sample of GNF or test solution analyzed for the purposes of Row 1 of section 60 of the Regulation.
  5. The following information for all GNF on the farm unit:
    1. Anticipated annual volume of GNF (in m3) transported off the farm unit where the GNF was generated;
    2. Anticipated annual number of NUs in the GNF transported off the generating farm unit;
    3. Name(s) and address(es) of intended receiver(s) of GNF that are outside the farm unit; and
    4. Anticipated date(s) of transfer of GNF off the farm unit in a calendar year.
  6. A list of all permanent GNF storage facilities available for use both on and off the farm unit including the following information for each:
    1. Type of storage (e.g. circular, rectangular, covered, open, cement, earthen, plastic, steel) and location;
    2. Dimensions; and
    3. Volume capacity available for use (in m3).
  7. Where the GNF strategy includes the location of a proposed new or expanded permanent GNF storage facility, an Engineer's Requirement Form as described below:
  8. The name and contact information of the person who prepared the GNF Strategy, and, if someone other than a controller or employee prepared the strategy, the certification number on the person's certificate issued pursuant to section 100 of O. Reg. 267/03 and contact information.