9.1. Records of land application

The record of each land application required by section 36 of the Regulation must include:

  1. Volume of GNF applied (in m3) to each GNF application area;
  2. Date of GNF application;
  3. Source greenhouses for the GNF applied including, if applicable, the identification of the permanent GNF storage facility where it was taken from;
  4. GNF application area the GNF was applied to;
  5. Living crop(s) or crop residue (if applicable) the GNF was applied to;
  6. Application rate(s);
  7. Soil moisture measurements (if taken for the purposes of paragraph 2 of subsection 39(1) of the Regulation); and
  8. The date that the last crop was harvested or became dormant on the GNF application area in each calendar year.