For the purposes of determining the minimum storage capacity available for use by the operation for the purposes of section 46 of the Regulation, controllers must also consider their past operations, GNF generation, and changes to their operations in determining the expected number. Furthermore, the capacity of the permanent GNF storage facilities must be reduced by the following amounts:

  1. Allowances for freeboard and precipitation effects (Table 1 below); and
  2. Allowances for any space used by pumps, walls, posts or other objects within the storage space.

Table 1. Allowances for Freeboard and Precipitation Effects

Freeboardfootnote 1
Covered Storage:0.15 m
Uncovered Storage:0.30 m
Precipitation effectsfootnote 2
At a livestock operation, agricultural source material that is run-off from a farm animal yard:0.56 m/year
At a livestock operation, runoff from the roof of a building or structure that is used solely to house farm animals, store animal feed, store farm implements or store manure:0.56 m/year
Precipitation (rain, snow) that falls directly on or into GNF in an uncovered outdoor permanent GNF storage facility:0.83 m/year