This handbook is only a guide. For official purposes, please refer to the Ontario Highway Traffic Act and regulations.

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Driving is a privilege — not a right


This handbook provides guidelines for drivers of motorcycles, three-wheeled motorcycles, limited-speed motorcycles (LSMs) and motor-assisted bicycles (mopeds). Unless stated otherwise, references to motorcycles in this handbook include three-wheeled motorcycles and limited-speed motorcycles.

Motorcycle and moped driving can be an enjoyable, even exciting, experience — but it can also be dangerous. As a driver of one of the smallest vehicles on the road, you are more likely to be injured or killed if you are involved in a collision. To avoid collisions and survive, you must learn to drive carefully and safely.

Driver error is the most common cause of traffic collisions. A large percentage of fatal collisions among motorcycle and moped drivers is due to losing control while speeding.

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation encourages new motorcycle and moped drivers, and those who wish to improve their skills, to take a motorcycle-safety training course. For information about motorcycle-safety training, or a course being conducted near you, call your local community college or check the Ministry of Transportation website at Remember that this handbook is only a guide.

The Official MTO Driver’s Handbook provides information that is required for users of all motor vehicles. The Official MTO Motorcycle Handbook must be used in conjunction with the Official MTO Driver’s Handbook.

For official descriptions of the laws, check the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario and its regulations, as well as the Motorized Snow Vehicles Act and the Off-Road Vehicles Act of Ontario at Information on how to get licences to drive other types of vehicles is available in the Official MTO Driver’s Handbook, the Official MTO Truck Handbook, the Official MTO Bus Handbook and the Official MTO Air Brake Handbook.