Ontario’s diversity is one of its greatest assets. It is the Ministry of Education’s responsibility to respect and value the range of differences we find in our students, staff and community. We know that to create safe, inclusive and engaging learning environments within our publicly funded education system, we must be committed to equity and inclusion for all students. The goal of equity in education is to identify, remove and prevent systemic barriers and discriminatory practices to help students reach their full potential and improve student achievement.

Ontario’s education equity action plan

Ontario’s education equity action plan is a three-year strategy that involves working with parents, educators, principals, board staff, trustees and the community, to identify and eliminate discriminatory practices, systemic barriers and bias from schools and classrooms.

The Education Equity Secretariat will bring new resources and explore program options, create new policies and establish realistic goals to help bridge gaps and disparities in achievement for all students across the province.

We are focusing on shifting the culture in our classrooms, schools and districts by applying an equity, inclusion and human rights perspective to the Ministry of Education and internal organizational structures. We are tracking our progress to measure success in achieving our goals.

Diversity in leadership, human rights and equity focused professional development will increase fairness in the hiring and promotion of staff and educators by removing barriers for underrepresented communities. Research shows that when students see themselves reflected in their learning environment, they are more likely to feel a sense of belonging and well-being. School leaders and educators will better reflect Ontario’s diverse student population

Building on our success

Ontario’s equity and inclusive education strategy (PDF) helps educators identify and remove discriminatory biases and systemic barriers to support the achievement and well-being of all students. These barriers, related to racism, sexism, homophobia and other forms of discrimination, may prevent some students from reaching their full potential.

The strategy builds on successful ministry, school board and school policies and practices. Every school board has:

  • an equity and inclusive education policy
  • a religious accommodation guideline in place

When students feel welcomed and accepted in their school, they are more likely to succeed academically. We want to create a culture of high expectations where factors such as race, disability, gender and socio-economic status do not prevent students from achieving ambitious outcomes.

Parent fact sheet in many languages (PDFs)

Understanding Ontario’s equity action plan: parent fact sheet (English PDF)