Legal context

As of December 31, 2023, school boards must follow the requirements set out in Ontario Regulation 374/23 Acquisition and Disposition of Real Property.

Selling or leasing process

We have streamlined the process for identifying, selling or leasing surplus school board property.

A school board can sell or lease property no longer necessary for its long-term needs (surplus). However, if a school board is not currently using a property and will not be using it within the next 10 years to meet student needs, they must sell it.

Through the new process, we will assess surplus school board properties to determine if the property:

  • meets the needs of other school boards in the area
  • can be used for other provincial priorities, such as long-term care homes or affordable housing

If the surplus property meets these conditions, the school board and identified party will negotiate a sale or lease (if applicable) at fair market value. If it doesn’t, the school board must sell or lease (if applicable) the property according to the regulation.

After selling or leasing

School boards must reinvest any proceeds back into repairing and renewing their existing school facilities.