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State of Ontario’s Natural Resources - Forest Indicators

Learn more about the state of Ontario’s forests and sustainable forest management.

About the indicators

Indicators are simple measures that tell us what is happening over time. They detect change and trends in things like the amount of forest area we have or the level of employment within the forest sector.

Indicators help us monitor the well-being of our forest ecosystems, communities and industry and measure our progress in achieving these 7 goals of sustainable forest management:

We regularly update these indicators as new data becomes available and post that information here.

Every 5 years we also publish an overview report summarizing what the indicators are telling us about the state of Ontario’s forests.

Read the current overview report: State of Ontario’s Natural Resources – Forests 2021


Conserving biological diversity

Maintaining forest productivity and resilience

Conserving forest soil and water resources

Monitoring forest contributions to global ecological cycles

Providing economic and social benefits from forests

Accepting social responsibilities for sustainable forest development

Enhancing the framework for sustainable forest management


Updated: November 15, 2021
Published: June 16, 2017