Zone 18 is located in southern Ontario and includes the cities of Ottawa, Cornwall, Perth, Kingston and Belleville.

Fisheries Management Zone 18

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General information

  • See general fishing regulations for more information on how to use this summary.
  • FMZ 18 is part of the Southern Bait Management Zone (BMZ). Baitfish or leeches, whether live or dead, may not be transported into or out of a BMZ. See bait for more details.

Zone-wide seasons and limits

Zone-wide seasons and limits apply to all waters in the Zone except for the specific waters and species listed in the species exceptions and fish sanctuaries.

Aggregate limits for trout and salmon (including splake)

Limits: S-5 and C-2; total daily catch and possession limit for all trout and salmon species combined

Atlantic salmon

Season: closed all year

Brook trout

Season: open all year
Limits: S-5 and C-2

Brown trout

Season: open all year
Limits: S-5 and C-2

Channel catfish

Season: open all year
Limits: S-12 and C-6


Season: open all year
Limits: S-30 and C-10

Lake sturgeon

Season: closed all year

Lake trout

Season: fourth Saturday in May to September 8
Limits: S-2 and C-1

Lake whitefish

Season: open all year
Limits: S-12 and C-6

Largemouth and smallmouth bass combined

Season: third Saturday in June to December 15
Limits: S-6 and C-2


Season: 1st Saturday in June to December 15
Limits: S-1; must be greater than 91 centimetres, and C-0

Northern pike

Season: January 1 to March 31 and second Saturday in May to December 31
Limits: S-6 and C-2

Pacific salmon

Season: open all year
Limits: S-5 and C-2

Rainbow trout

Season: open all year
Limits: S-5 and C-2


Season: open all year
Limits: S-5 and C-2


Season: open all year
Limits: S-300; only 30 may be greater than 18 centimetres, and C-15

Walleye and sauger combined

Season: January 1 to March 1 and second Saturday in May to December 31
Limits: S-4 and C-2; must be between 40-50 centimetres

Yellow perch

Season: open all year
Limits: S-50 and C-25

Species exceptions

Lake trout

Additional fishing opportunities

Season: open all year

  • Ashden Lake (Ashby White Lake) (45°08′59″N., 77°22′00″W.) - Ashby Township
  • Big Ohlmann (45°03′18″N., 77°00′23″W.) - Miller Township
  • Camp Lake (45°04′54″N., 76°57′39″W.) - Miller Township
  • Freen Lake (44°45′25″N., 77°44′53″W.) - Lake Township
  • Grimsthorpe Lake (44°52′29″N., 77°23′29″W.) - Effingham Township
  • Hungry Lake (44°48′23″N., 76°53′18″W.) - Central Frontenac Township
  • Little Green Lake (44°57′37″N., 76°53′06″W.) - Clarendon Township
  • Long Mallory Lake (44°59′59″N., 77°09′48″W.) - Abinger Township
  • Long Schooner Lake (45°06′15″N., 76°58′41″W.) - Miller Township
  • Loughborough Lake (44°27′00″N., 76°25′00″W.) - Pittsburgh Township
  • Mackie Lake (45°04′38″N., 76°59′18″W.) - Miller Township
  • Potspoon Lake (44°36′13″N., 76°34′56″W.) - Bedford Township
  • Redhorse Lake (44°32′21″N., 76°05′02″W.) - Lansdowne Township
  • Reid Lake (45°04′15″N., 76°55′59″W.) - Miller Township
  • Round Schooner Lake (45°07′12″N., 76°59′14″W.) - Miller Township
  • Shabomeka Lake (44°53′33″N., 77°08′10″W.) - Barrie Township
  • Silver Lake (44°49′48″N., 76°35′46″W.) - Oso Township
  • Simpson Lake (45°09′24″N., 77°24′13″W.) - Ashby Township
  • Trout Lake (45°08′58″N., 77°26′08″W.) - Ashby Township


Limits: S-1; must be greater than 102 centimetres, and C-0

  • Moira Lake (44°29′14″N., 77°27′13″W.) - Huntingdon Township
  • Moira River - from the first dam above Lake Ontario (City of Belleville) upstream to Highway 7
  • Stoco Lake (44°28′15″N., 77°17′29″W.)

Limits: S-1; must be greater than 112 centimetres, and C-0

  • Rideau River

Yellow perch

Season: January 1 to March 31 and second Saturday in May to December 31

  • Lancaster and Charlottenburgh Townships (South Glengarry Township) and the City of Cornwall - all waters

Fish sanctuaries

No fishing - closed all year

  • Big Rideau Lake - Bastard and Burgess Townships, The Bog and Long Island
  • Newboro Lake - North Crosby and South Crosby Townships, Old Iron Mine Bay
  • Newboro Lake - South Crosby Township, The Bog
  • Opinicon Lake - Storrington Township, Darlings Bay
  • Opinicon Lake - South Crosby Township, Murphy Bay
  • Sand Lake - South Crosby Township, Freeman’s Bay
  • Westport Pond - North Crosby Township
  • White Lake - Olden Township
  • Whitefish Lake - South Crosby Township, Jones Falls Bay

No fishing - January 1 to Friday before third Saturday in June and December 16 to December 31

  • Lingham Lake - Grimsthorpe Township
  • Sand Lake - North Crosby Township, that part lying in Lots 15 and 16 in Concession 9 and Lot 15 in Concession 8, and the waters of the river flowing between Wolfe Lake and Sand Lake

No fishing - March 1 to Friday before second Saturday in May

  • Christie Lake - in Lot 3, Concession 3 (Bathurst Township) and the Tay River from Christie Lake downstream to the bridge at Lot 7, Concession 2 (Bathurst Township)
  • Crotch Lake and Mississippi River - Palmerston Township, from Sidedam Rapids to north shore of Skull Island including McLean’s Bay
  • Dalhousie Lake and Mississippi River - Dalhousie Township, within a 300 metres radius of the bridge of the Township road crossing the Mississippi River where it enters Dalhousie Lake
  • Hoople Creek - Osnabruck Township
  • Indian River and Clayton Lake - within a 300 metres radius of the Command Bridge crossing the Indian River where it enters Clayton Lake (Lanark Township)
  • Mississippi River - Drummond Township, from 240.8 metres west of Main Street in Innisville to Mississippi Lake
  • Mississippi River - Pakenham Township, between the falls in the Town of Almonte and upstream side of bridge on Lanark County Road 20
  • Raisin River - those portions of the river in the Village of Martintown and Lot 43, Concession 1, north side of Raisin River (Charlottenburgh Township)
  • South Nation River - Cambridge Township, Coupal’s dam in Casselman downstream to the westerly limit of Lot 11, Concession 5
  • South Nation River - Hamlet of Crysler in Finch Township
  • South Nation River - North Plantagenet Township, between north side of Concession 4 and a point 30.5 metres upstream of C.P.R. right-of-way
  • South Nation River - Village of Chesterville in Winchester Township

NewNo fishing - April 15 to the Friday before the first Saturday in July (2024 and 2025)

  • NewCharleston Lake - Within 100 metres of Sheep Island (44°33’21”N., 76°00’45”W.), Democrat Island (44°32’34”N., 76°00’55”W.), Fisher Island (44°33’00”N., 76°01’05”W.), Hogback Island (44°32’43”N., 76°00’28”W.), Prospect Island (44°32’32”N., 76°00’22” W.), Tar Island (44°32’57”N., 76°00’41”W.), Victoria Island (44°32’53”N., 76°01’07”W.), and Rockhouse Island (44°33’16”N., 76°01’07”W.
  • NewCharleston Lake - Sally’s Hole (including Brown’s Island)(44°33’42”N., 75°58’52”W.)
  • NewOpinicon Lake (Eightacre Island) - From the tip of the unnamed point (44°33’54”N., 76°19’51”W.) south of Queen’s University Biological Research Station to the southwest tip of Eightacre Island (44°33’30”N., 76°19’27”W.) to the northeast tip of Eightacre Island (44°33’44”N., 76° 18’56”W.) to the eastern tip of Cow Island (44°34’11”N., 76°18’ 57”W.)
  • NewOpinicon Lake - Deadlock Bay (44°32’45”N., 76°20’23”W.) and Opinicon Property Owners’ Community Bay (44°33’05”N., 76°19’44”W.)