As Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF), I am pleased to welcome a new season of world-class angling in Ontario.

This province is home to a tremendous diversity of communities, regions, and ecosystems. Ontario is a land of contrasts, from the most urbanized region in Canada in the south, to the vast forests of the Canadian Shield and the Arctic watershed in the north.

Ontario is the traditional territory of many First Nation and Indigenous peoples. We recognize Aboriginal and treaty rights and celebrate Indigenous stewardship of the lands and waters across the province.

Across Ontario’s diverse landscapes, one common thread is the incredible fishing found in our lakes and waterways. Great fishing can be found everywhere, from urban city centers to remote, fly-in lakes. This means there are fishing opportunities available for anyone, in almost every part of the province.

Some of Ontario’s varied angling opportunities are enhanced by MNRF’s fish culture and stocking program, which uses 30 specialized trucks andassorted land, water and air vehicles to stock up to 8 million fish in over 1,200 waterbodies annually. The program creates new fishing opportunities for anglers and helps to protect other vulnerable fish stocks.

I would like to thank Ontario’s anglers and Indigenous partners for their contributions to these fishing regulations. By sharing your perspectives and insights, you are helping to promote sustainable fisheries for future generations of anglers.

The incredible variety of fish species makes Ontario a draw for anglers from across Canada and around the world. And, of course, it’s a pursuit that’s been enjoyed by countless Ontarians.

While COVID-19 led many Ontarians to discover a new passion for angling close to home, it also proved challenging for tourism operators and outfitters who rely on travelers from outside of Ontario. I extend a warm welcome to the returning community of out-of-province anglers who are an important part of our province’s recreational fisheries.

This year is a milestone for Kids’ Fish Art Contest, which is entering its 20th year. The contest inspires artists and anglers from Grades 4-12 to explore Ontario’s native fish species and habitats, together with a chance to win fishing gear.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry will continue to safeguard the sustainability of Ontario’s recreational fisheries, ensuring that this great family activity will continue to be enjoyed.

I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations listed in this summary, and to be safe as you discover what makes angling in Ontario so special.

The Honourable Graydon Smith
Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry