Improvements to the eSubmit program incorporating provider feedback effective December 12, 2022

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Written by: Claims Services Branch; OHIP, Health Programs and Delivery Division
Date issued: December 12, 2022

eSubmit is a secure electronic channel for health service providers. This channel is used to submit Remittance Advice Inquiries (RAIs) and medical claims supporting documentation that support the adjudication of claims, such as operative reports and clinical notes. You can access eSubmit through GO Secure (MCEDT) via All authorized MCEDT users, including designees, automatically have access to the eSubmit service.

The Ministry of Health (ministry) has been working with providers and vendors to improve the efficiency of eSubmit services. Based on this feedback, effective December 12, 2022, several changes have been made to the user interface and experience.

eSubmit enhancements

The following is a summary of enhancements implemented on December 12, 2022:

  1. Physician accounting number has been added to communications and receipts allowing for easy reconciliation and communication with the ministry.
  2. Confirmation that your submission is received via a pop-up screen. This instant confirmation saves you time as you no longer need search for the email. Note: An email confirmation is still sent to you automatically with the new mandatory account number.
  3. Provider/user information is pre-populated on RAI tickets when you enter the ministry-assigned claim number, eliminating the need to manually enter data into the fee code table.
  4. Attachments are no longer mandatory on Supporting Documentation (manual review) eSubmit tickets, reducing redundancy. You can choose to enter comments into the Provider Remarks section.
  5. A new ‘My Ticket Status’ option allows you to track the progress of your submitted tickets, reducing the need to call in for updates.

Detailed information and user assistance can be found in the updated eSubmit User Manual and eSubmit Video Learning Modules.

Information on the exciting new changes that allow you to send eSubmit tickets directly through MCEDT will be communicated in a future INFOBulletin


For questions regarding eSubmit, you can contact the Service Support Contact Centre (SSCC) at 1-800-262-6524 between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday (excluding holidays).

For any technical questions or issues, please contact your billing software vendor.


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