Notify is an online, enterprise communication tool managed by the Ontario Digital Service that makes it simple, fast, and affordable for Ontario government to reach Ontarians.

Benefits of using Notify

Cross-channel communication

Notify is the first platform in the Ontario Public Service (OPS) to provide email, text message, and automated voice calls all in one place.

Easy to use

From test account to sending the first emails, Notify is quick to set up and you do not need any technical knowledge to create email, text message or letter templates.

Enterprise solution

Private, secure, and approved for use by Ontario Government teams, Notify is recognized by GovTechON as a Common Technology Enabler in the public service.

Collaborate with your team

Invite other OPS employees to join your Notify service so your team can work together to monitor, write, and send messages.

Notify's features

Integration with existing tools

Notify API allows running automatic communications campaigns by ingesting contact lists from other applications.

Scalable communication

You can send individual or bulk messages manually or automatically when actions are triggered.

Live delivery status updates

See the delivery status of your messages in real time, whether they’re sending, delivered, or failed.

Message scheduling

Choose when you want bulk messages to be delivered, either now or later, using Notify’s scheduling tool.

Role-based access

Determine who can view, create, edit, and send messages by setting different permission access levels for your team.


With no charges, you can send up to

  • 5 million
  • 125,000
    text messages

per fiscal year, per program (voice calls not included). After this, Notify’s usage-based pricing means you’ll only be charged for what you use.

Get in touch

Notify is built and maintained by the Ontario Digital Service. Contact us if you have a question or want to get started now.

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