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Talk to a registered nurse — day or night — for free, secure and confidential health advice. Call 811 (TTY: 1-866-797-0007).

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Pharmacists can assess and prescribe medication for common ailments like pink eye, seasonal allergies and skin rashes. They can also extend certain prescriptions for chronic conditions until your next doctors appointment.

Since January 2023, over 4,600 participating pharmacies have conducted over half-a-million assessments for common ailments and issued over 550,000 prescriptions across the province.

Find a long-term care home

Explore your options and apply for long-term care.

Get care at home

Your local home care provider can arrange for nurses and other health care professionals to visit you in your home, and help you access equipment and supplies.

Get reimbursed for health care devices

People with long-term physical disabilities can get help paying for equipment and supplies like wheelchairs and hearing aids.


OHIP is Ontario’s health care plan. Through OHIP, the province pays for many of the health services you may need.

Get temporary health coverage across Canada or outside of Canada.

Get vaccinated

Get a COVID‑19 vaccine or flu shot, and learn about other immunizations.

Health Hiring Hub

Over the next 4 years, we’re investing more than $225 million to expand nursing education in universities and colleges, increasing enrolment by:

  • 2,000 registered nurses
  • 1,000 registered practical nurses
  • 150 nurse practitioners

With these investments, an additional 8,000 nurses will be joining the health care workforce by 2028, boosting our commitment to care whenever and wherever you need it.

Since 2018, hospitals, long term-care homes and other health care institutions have hired:

Over 80,000 nurses

25% were internationally educated

Over 12,500 physicians

40% were internationally educated


  • Ontario’s Health Professions Database, 2018 to 2022 submissions, and the College of Nurses of Ontario
  • The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario

Work or train in Ontario

We are invested in growing our health care workforce, by expanding access to training and reducing financial barriers. Last year alone, we hired 17,000 more nurses registered to work in the province.

If you are an internationally educated nurse, we also offer programs designed to help you become eligible to practice here in only a short time.

Learn about the different careers in health care available to you.

Delivering our Plan for Connected and Convenient Care

We are putting people at the centre of care by making it easier and more convenient for you to access the services you need through:

  • providing team-based care to make navigating health care services easier
  • delivering care in communities and treating patients in their homes
  • making it easier for you to access mental health and addictions services
  • reducing wait times for surgeries and performing thousands more surgeries each year
  • building 3,000 more hospital beds over 10 years, and adding and upgrading thousands of long-term care beds

$32 billion

For more than 50 health infrastructure projects

$330 million

Ontario’s biggest investment in children’s health care

Learn more about our plan for connected and convenient care.

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