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This is an exciting time for health care in Ontario. Last month, we began the next phase in the development of Ontario Health Teams by identifying which category teams were placed in after participating in the first round of the readiness assessment process.

Christine Elliott, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health, and Helen Angus, Deputy Minister of Health, hosted an audio town hall and announced that out of a 150 self-assessments, 72 teams demonstrated the core components to become a successful Ontario Health Team, with 31 teams invited to complete a full application and 41 identified as being in development.

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This list can be used as a resource by any health service provider or organization to connect with an existing team that has already started the Ontario Health Team journey.

New resources

  • Full Application Form – this document is to be completed by teams invited to complete a full application and can be used by any teams to prepare for future submissions.
  • Rapid-Improvement Support and Exchange (RISE) – an interactive website that provides access to resources, experts and assistance for potential Ontario Health Teams. RISE is supported by the McMaster Health Forum (MHF) and the Ministry of Health (MOH). The opinions, results and conclusions are those of the MHF and are independent of the MOH.

The Ontario Health Teams web page is the best place for you to access the most up to date information, and resources.

If you have questions about Ontario Health Teams, please email

Questions and answers about Ontario Health Teams

What role will patient and family advisors have in the development of Ontario Health Teams?

Patients and family advisors will play an essential role in the development of each Ontario Health Team. Teams invited to submit a full application have already demonstrated strong patient and family involvement.

How many teams will be selected as Ontario Health Team candidates in the fall?

It’s too early in the process to determine how many teams will become Ontario Health Team candidates in the fall. With 31 teams invited to complete a full application and 41 identified as being in-development, we are well positioned to have a strong set of early adopters of the Ontario Health Teams model.

The ministry will continue supporting all teams on their journey towards becoming an Ontario Health Team regardless of where they are in the readiness assessment process.

How will the new Mental Health and Addiction Centre of Excellence work with Ontario Health Teams to improve care in Ontario?

The Mental Health and Addictions Centre of Excellence will ensure standardized mental health and addictions services across Ontario, including within Ontario Health Teams.

The centre will develop evidence-based policies that are supported by data and reporting to ensure every Ontarian is able to receive the same high-quality care no matter where they live and who is providing their care. We envision Ontario Health Teams providing access to the full spectrum of mental health and addictions services to support better integrated care, including hospital-based care and services provided by community mental health and addictions agencies.

How will the ministry support Ontario Health Teams with primary care engagement, participation and leadership?

Primary care will play a critical role in Ontario Health Teams. Many self-assessments we received have already demonstrated active primary care engagement and participation.

The ministry will continue to work with primary care partners like Ontario Medical Association, Indigenous Primary Care Council, Nurse Practitioners’ Association of Ontario and Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario, to better understand what kind of supports will be most effective.

How will Ontario Health Teams improve patient care?

Integrated care is a key component to improving patient care, experience and outcomes, and ending hallway health care. The goal is to create better, faster, more connected care for patients, regardless of where they are in their health care journey.

For example, if a patient needs home care when they leave the hospital, we want to make sure they know before they leave who their home care provider will be, what they will be doing and when they will arrive.

If there are complications for the patient after they leave the hospital, they can be treated by the most appropriate provider within their Ontario Health Team rather than ending back up in the emergency department.

Teams in the news

Teams have shared their journey to become an Ontario Health Team with their local media.

Below are a few of these stories: