Health system integration update: notice of transfer order for CorHealth Ontario effective December 1, 2021

Today, consistent with the government’s plan to build a better, more connected health care system centered around the needs of patients, the Honourable Christine Elliott, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health, issued a transfer order under the Connecting Care Act, 2019, transferring CorHealth Ontario (CorHealth) to Ontario Health. The transfer will take effect on December 1, 2021.

Throughout the pandemic, we have seen more than ever how important it is for health service providers to work together as one integrated team to deliver high-quality care to patients all across our province and protect our progress against COVID-19. A key part of the government’s commitment to modernize the health care system is the integration of multiple provincial health agencies and organizations into a single agency - Ontario Health - providing a central point of accountability and oversight for the health care system.

To date, the Ministry and Ontario Health have successfully transferred and integrated 21 health agencies and organizations and are optimizing capacity and advancing service excellence to support integrated, coordinated, and effective health service delivery, with the patient at the centre.

This transfer marks another important milestone for Ontario Health and will better coordinate and support the delivery of cardiac, stroke, and vascular care in the province, ensuring health care providers have the tools and information they need to provide high-quality care to patients and improve outcomes.

Continuity of services throughout this process remains a top priority. As CorHealth does not provide direct patient services, this transfer will not disrupt patient care. Ontarians will continue to receive the care they need from the care providers they have built relationships with.

Ontario Health and CorHealth are committed to maintaining the continuity of advice and recommendations for the provision of cardiac, stroke, and vascular care. There will be no staff reductions associated with this transfer and all existing CorHealth employees will be transferred into Ontario Health.

Moving forward, Ontario Health will assume the responsibility to provide advice and recommendations to the Ministry of Health on cardiac, vascular, and stroke care in the province.