Embracing Change, Shifting Mindsets, Changing Culture: The Collective Impact of Patient, Family & Caregiver Partnership & Engagement

The Minister of Health’s Patient and Family Advisory Council has released its 2022-23 annual report, highlighting the perspectives of patients, families and caregivers and their valuable role that will help as the government works toward more connected and convenient care for Ontarians. The theme of the report is culture change within the health care system and the collective impact of patient, family and caregiver partnership and engagement.

The report showcases the work of the Council’s 12 members and Chair and demonstrates the impact engagement and partnership have on building a health system rooted in patient-centred care. In 2022-23, the Council focused on several priority areas to support tangible efforts in health system improvement, including:

  • informing guidance and supports provided to Ontario Health Teams
  • working with the Ministry of Health to support equity, remove barriers and improve Ontarians’ access to health information
  • providing advice on key health care topics such as home and community care and mental health and addictions

Betty-Lou Kristy, Chair of the Minister’s Patient and Family Advisory Council, spoke to this exciting milestone. “I’m thrilled to announce the release of our Annual Report showcasing the phenomenal work of the Minister’s Patient and Family Advisory Council and our authentic partnership with the Minister and Ministry of Health. I believe in the importance of embracing change and growth.  Co-design with patients, families and caregivers will help to transform the health care system. This change will help us to achieve better health outcomes for all Ontarians. I look forward to continuing this exciting work.”

Read the 2022-23 Report of the Minister’s Patient and Family Advisory Council.

For more information on the Minister’s Patient and Family Advisory Council, visit: Help shape Ontario’s health care system | ontario.ca.