Supporting Ontario Health Teams

With more than 150 self-assessment submissions received, teams from across the province are already working toward becoming an Ontario Health Team. The ministry will continue supporting them all through the Readiness Assessment Process at every stage.

We’ve recently added two key resources to the Central Program of Supports to support teams on their journey to become an Ontario Health Team: a Digital Health Playbook and Rapid-Improvement Support and Exchange (RISE).

The Digital Health Playbook

The Digital Health Playbook was developed to support Ontario Health Team candidates with developing their digital health plans during the full application stage, but it is also useful to teams at any stage of development.

The playbook:

  • supports teams to create a digital health plan and build up their capacity to meet clinical and performance objectives
  • provides a general overview of the types of tools, requirements and draft policy directions that will guide the creation of digitally-enabled Ontario Health Teams
  • accesses a digital health service catalogue that outlines the assets, services and infrastructure that are available to Ontario Health Teams
  • provides a digital health policy guidance document that gives recommendations on the acquisition, implementation and use of digital tools and services

Rapid-Improvement Support and Exchange

The Rapid-Improvement Support and Exchange (RISE) is an interactive website that provides access to resources, experts and support for potential Ontario Health Teams.

RISE will:

  • provide supports such as webinars, information and resources
  • create online communities for teams, individuals and organizations to connect, engage and share experiences

RISE is an independent resource supported by the McMaster Health Forum (MHF) and the Ministry of Health (MOH).

Access past webinars and events for Ontario Health Teams and learn about what’s coming up.

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