Accelerating the impact of Ontario Health Teams to advance integrated health care and improve patient experience across the province

The Ministry of Health is setting new direction for Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) to support their progress towards maturity as they work to connect care and improve patient experience in their local communities.

The new direction is outlined in the guidance document Ontario Health Teams - The Path Forward.

The direction promotes greater standardization, informed by lessons learned through OHT implementation to date. Areas of focus include:

  • Clinical priorities - to harness the potential of OHTs to improve health outcomes provincially
  • Governance - to strengthen and standardize how decisions are made and ensure the right voices are part of OHTs
  • Operational capacity - to make sure every OHT can sustain its back-office functions
  • Communications - to cultivate consistency on public communications led by OHTs and support awareness of their role in delivering better connected care

Ontario Health Teams - The Path Forward will help OHTs to take the next steps forward on the path to maturity, with the support of the ministry and Ontario Health.

Watch the Deputy Premier and Minister of Health’s webinar for OHTs and health care sector partners on Ontario Health Teams - The Path Forward.

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