Join Minister Elliott for an audio webinar Town Hall

This week, Ontario will take another step towards building a modern and connected public health care system by sharing next steps for becoming an Ontario Health Team with those who completed a self-assessment.

When: July 18, 2019 at 11:00 a.m.
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Note: Access to the webinar is no longer available.

In April, the ministry launched an open call for the first phase of self-assessments to become an Ontario Health Team. The response was extremely positive. We received over 150 submissions – from every region of the province.

These submissions represent a real commitment from health care providers to work together to deliver on our vision of an integrated health care system.

After a thorough review, all teams that submitted a self-assessment were placed in one of the following categories:

  • proceed to full application – These teams have partners across the continuum of care. They are highly aligned with the model, have a high level of readiness and are well-positioned to complete the full application.
  • in development – These teams have partners who represent the continuum of care, are committed to the model and with a bit more work will be well positioned to complete the full application.
  • in discovery – These health care providers support the model. They are encouraged to expand their partnerships and work with other local providers in alignment with the criteria outlined in the guidance document.

A small number of self-assessment providers outlined innovative approaches to support Ontario Health Teams regionally and provincially. The ministry has categorized these groups as Innovative Models and will work with them to explore how they may fit in an integrated system.

Formal communication of status will come shortly. The ministry will be working with all providers to become an Ontario Health Team regardless of which category they’re currently in.

This is an exciting time for health care in Ontario. If you have not yet submitted a self-assessment, we encourage you to find out about teams that may be developing in your region or become familiar with the guidance document and self-assessment form and connect with partners in your region who are also ready to embark on this journey. The deadline for the next call for self-assessments is December 4, 2019.

The Ontario Health Teams web page is the best place for you to access the most up to date information, and resources.

Let’s keep the momentum going as we build a health care system to give Ontarians better, connected care.