Both the PSR report (and any supporting documents) and documents that establish an exemption must be kept readily accessible at the workplace for as long as the apparatus, structure or protective element remains in the workplace or the process is used in the workplace.

For specific requirements on the documents that must be kept in the workplace, refer to subsection 7(8) of the Industrial Establishments Regulation.

PSR reports and exemption documents may be requested by a Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development health and safety inspector at any time.

Electronic documents

The Electronic Commerce Act, 2000 provides that a legal requirement for information or a document to be in writing is satisfied if it is in electronic form and is accessible so as to be usable for subsequent reference.  

Therefore, the requirement that a PSR report or exemption documents be in writing means that electronic formats of these documents are acceptable so long as they are accessible for future use. It would be unacceptable, for example, to keep electronic versions of PSR reports on a computer where no one can access them.

An electronic version of a PSR report must comply with the same requirements as a written PSR report (for example, includes the signature of the person who carried out the review and seal of the engineer, if applicable).