The owner, lessee or employer must provide the JHSC or the health and safety representative, if any, with:

  • a copy of the written PSR report before the apparatus, structure, protective element or process is operated or used
  • a copy of documents establishing an exemption from conducting a PSR upon request
  • written notice of the measures that will be taken to comply with the applicable provision(s) if some or all of the recommended measures in the PSR report are not taken

See subsections 7(6), 7(7) and 7(9) of the Industrial Establishments Regulation for details.

The JHSC or health and safety representative can identify situations that may be a source of danger or hazard to workers and make recommendations to the employer on matters pertaining to health and safety, consistent with their powers under the OHSA. This also applies to the contents of a PSR report, whether the PSR found compliance or non-compliance with the applicable provisions.

If an employer receives recommendations from the JHSC or health and safety representative, they must respond in writing within 21 days of receiving them. This written response must include a timetable for implementing the recommendations that the employer agrees with and provide reasons for not accepting any of their recommendations.

The committee members or health and safety representatives may also notify the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development if they feel that there is a safety problem at their workplace.

The PSR does not replace workplace inspections by the JHSC or health and safety representative, as required under OHSA.

See section 8 and section 9 of the OHSA for details.