The purpose of the backing skills test is to test basic backing skills essential for the safe control of the vehicle while reversing into a desired location, and simultaneously judging the vehicle’s position as it relates to surrounding objects during the exercise.

Examiners will be outside of the vehicle, always visible to you but will not coach or guide you as you are backing.

Required Backing Manoeuvres

You will be required to perform one backing manoeuvre during the test, either a 90-degree alley dock (driver’s side), offset left or offset right.

Cones will be used to mark the boundaries for each manoeuvre; you must not hit any of the cones; and your vehicle should be as straight as possible within the cones when complete. You must secure the vehicle and inform the examiner you are finished.

Click here to Read more on proper backing procedure. During the road test, you will be scored on the following:

  • Observation ‒ Before backing, you must exit the vehicle to check its path and observe the environment around the vehicle; and while backing, you must use mirrors to check the vehicle path.
  • Signals /Horn ‒ You must activate the four-way flashers and sound the electric horn before backing.
  • Speed ‒ Always reverse at a walking pace.
  • Pull-Ups ‒ When you stop and pull forward to get a better position, it is scored as a “pull-up.” Stopping without changing direction does not count as a pull-up. You will not be penalized for initial pull-ups. However, an excessive number of pull-ups will count as errors.
  • Final Position ‒ You must back the vehicle as close as possible to the final position.
Illustration 7-2