The most important concern for a bus driver is the safety of the passengers. Professional drivers who carry passengers must observe the rules of the road, understand and practice defensive driving, and take special precautions in loading and unloading.

The professional looks ahead, thinks ahead, acts early and drives defensively. A person who drives defensively:

  • keeps adequate space around the vehicle and manages the blind spot
  • keeps his or her eyes moving, and checks traffic as far down the roadway and to the sides
  • checks the mirrors frequently
  • recognizes possible danger far enough in advance to take preventive action
  • makes allowances for the errors of other drivers and pedestrians
  • gives up the right-of-way if it will avoid possible danger to the driver or passengers
  • makes allowances for the rapidly changing conditions of the road, weather and traffic
  • shows courtesy to other road users
  • wears a seatbelt
  • uses headlights at all times to make sure the bus is easily seen
  • drives at a safe speed, slowing when road conditions can affect stopping distance or vehicle control