Speed - You must adjust speed to safely negotiate a curve. Drivers inexperienced with the operation of a particular type of vehicle often misjudge the maximum speed with which they can safely negotiate a curve of a given radius. Excessive speed prior to the curve often requires hard braking.

Lane position - Because of the off-tracking of large vehicles, you must approach the curve from an outside position of the lane to keep the rear wheels from cutting across the top of the curve. Failure to do so can cause the rear wheels to leave the road or present a hazard to vehicles in a neighbouring lane.

Traffic Check - A constant visual search around the vehicle is necessary to alert yourself to any changes in traffic. Mirror checks are critical because of the vehicle's large blind spots and off-tracking of rear wheels. You must be continually aware of conditions so that necessary adjustments in speed and position can be made. These adjustments take longer in commercial vehicles because of their large size; you must be able to anticipate them as early as possible.

Diagram 7-5