Under Ontario Regulation 512/97 the Registrar of Motor Vehicles may impound a commercial vehicle found with critical defects. Critical defects are defined in Ontario Regulation 512/97 for brakes (air and hydraulic), steering, wheels and rims, tires and frame and suspension. The impound period for a vehicle found to be operating with critical defects at a commercial vehicle impound program inspection station is 15 days for the first offence. If the same vehicle turns up with critical defects within a two-year timeframe, the impoundment period doubles to 30 days. A third or subsequent offence within the same two years will result in an impoundment period of 60 days. The fines for driving a vehicle with critical defects can be up to $20,000. Impoundment affects commercial vehicles as defined in subsection 16(1) of the Highway Traffic Act only.