• It is your responsibility to be thoroughly familiar with trans­mission shift patterns and shifting procedures. We recommend that you study the truck manufac­​turer’s operating manual.
  • When you start to move, put the vehicle in the lowest appropriate gear.
  • Do not shock-load the drive line by abruptly releasing the clutch pedal. Apply power gradually when moving heavy loads uphill.
  • Do not allow the clutch to slip excessively, since this can overheat the clutch and cause damage.

Remember: Co-ordinated clutch operation and smooth transmission shifting will prolong the life of any vehicle.

Some vehicles are equipped with a clutch brake. When driving them, the clutch pedal should not be depressed all the way to the floor when shifting, except at a stop. To re-enter low gear, depress the pedal to the floor to produce an easy, quiet engagement into low gear, with the vehicle at rest.