Right turns at intersections with vehicles that have a lot of off-track require you to lead the turning arc according to the amount of off-track, otherwise you run the risk of running the rear wheels of the unit over curbs and sidewalks.

Remember that you may need to proceed well into the intersection before beginning the turn. Generally, it is better to use more space from the road you are leaving than from the road you are entering. Move as close to the left side of the your lane as possible and then make the turn, using the space you need to complete the turn from the road you are entering. However, depending on the type of vehicle you are driving and the width of the road’s lanes, you may have to cross the centre line or travel into the second traffic lane of the street entered.

If you are driving a tractor-trailer on a narrow street, for example, you will have to use some, or all, of the left lane in order to get your vehicle around the corner without the rear wheels of your unit going up on the curb. Use extreme caution and ensure the movement can be made safely.When it is necessary to “block” off another traffic lane, make sure that smaller vehicles, motorcycles or cyclists are not attempting to move up along the right side of your vehicle. The critical point is reached when the tractor is at the sharpest point of the turn in relation to the trailer, because vision through your right rear view mirror is limited.

Truck making a right turn on an intersection

Diagram 2-9