This is a summary of information dealing with hunting licences and hunting laws in Ontario. This summary is neither a legal document nor a complete collection of the current regulations. It is meant to be a convenient reference only. For complete details, see the:

  1. Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, 1997, and the regulations made under this Act
  2. Migratory Birds Convention Act, 1994 (Canada), and the Migratory Birds Regulations
  3. Endangered Species Act, 2007, and the regulations made under this Act
  4. Species at Risk Act (Canada), with regard to federally listed species that are threatened, endangered or extirpated and their critical habitat
  5. Invasive Species Act, 2015, with regard to invasive wild pigs
  6. Trespass to Property Act
  7. Firearms Act (Canada)

This summary is divided into a number of sections that provide information about hunting licences, licensing requirements and general hunting regulations. In addition, each game species or group of game species has a section in this summary. Each species section covers basic regulations on hunting the species, including open seasons and other relevant information. Open season dates are inclusive: all dates including the first and last dates stated in the summary are open.

Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) boundaries are shown in the front portion of this summary. You can obtain more detailed WMU maps at Find a WMU map.

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