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You can do many things with a single ServiceOntario account. Start with the following services.

Create or use your My Ontario Account

Create or use your My Ontario Account to manage your business transactions.

Register a business name

Search for, register and renew a business name online.

Available funding opportunities from the Ontario Government

Access funding opportunities from the Government of Ontario for businesses, not-for-profits, and other organizations.

Get a security guard or private investigator licence

Apply for, renew or restore a security guard or private investigator licence for an individual, an agency and more.

File small claims court documents online

File small claims court forms, pay fees and apply for default judgments online.

Accessibility compliance reporting

Find out how to complete an accessibility compliance report for your organization.

Environmental permissions

Find out about the different types of environmental permissions you or your business may need and how to apply for each.

Cremation and body shipment certificates 

Request a Coroner’s Cremation Certificate or Out of Province Body Shipment Certificate if you are a licenced funeral establishment, crematoriums or transfer service operators.

Scams and frauds targeting businesses

Get information on how to spot common business, financial and phishing scams, how to report them and what to do if you’ve been scammed.

Forfeited Corporate Properties

Learn more about the process around property that’s forfeited to Ontario as a result of a corporate dissolution.

Start, dissolve and change a co-operative corporation

Find and file the necessary forms for starting, dissolving and changing a co-operative corporation.

Search for a business or not-for-profit corporation

Complete a free search of the Ontario Business Registry for basic information on a business or not-for-profit corporation.

Consumer protection requirements for businesses

Learn about consumer protection laws to help your business avoid complaints.

Find, fill out and file a form

It’s easy to forget how often you do this to keep things running smoothly. Finding, filling out and filing forms is an essential part of your business. Using your ServiceOntario account makes it easier.

Find, fill out and file the necessary forms for the following types of businesses or business activities: