Firefighters may access a roof during the course of their work.


Firefighters are at risk of falling off or falling through a roof during emergency operations.

Actions for employers

Employers should:

  • develop procedures for roof operations
  • provide appropriate training to workers

Safety considerations for roof operations

Consider the following when developing procedures for working on roofs:

  • conducting initial and ongoing risk assessments that determine the type of roof construction, the location of the fire and the length of time that the structure has been burning
  • factors impacting building integrity should be taken into consideration when determining whether to commit personnel to, or evacuate personnel from the roof sector
  • based on the risk assessment, appropriate personal protective equipment, including fall protection equipment, that should be provided to individuals assigned to the roof sector
  • where fall arrest systems are implemented as a precaution for a fall hazard, a self-rescue and rapid intervention plan should be developed and implemented if needed, by trained personnel
  • identifying or providing for an alternate means of emergency escape other than the initial route of access
  • ensure appropriate supervision is provided and roof activities are coordinated by a roof sector officer designated under the incident management system

Applicable regulations and acts


  • Occupational Health and Safety Act
    • clause 25(2)(a) for providing information and instruction to a worker
    • clause 25(2)(h) for taking every precaution reasonable in the circumstances to protect workers