Some firefighters may provide hazardous materials response or chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear or explosive (CBRNE) terrorism response.


Exposure to chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear or explosive agents can result in injury, illness or death.

Actions for employers

Employers should:

  • evaluate their hazardous materials response capability
  • ensure that firefighters are adequately trained and equipped to perform the hazardous materials response
  • document both the theoretical and practical training provided

Applicable regulations and acts


  • Occupational Health and Safety Act
    • clause 25(2)(a) for providing information and instruction to a worker
    • clause 25(2)(d) for making workers aware of hazards
    • clause 25(2)(h) for taking every precaution reasonable in the circumstances to protect workers

Applicable standards

For information on response levels to emergencies involving hazardous materials/weapons of mass destruction, read NFPA 472, Standard for competence of responders to hazardous materials/weapons of mass destruction incidents, 2013 edition.