Firefighters, in the course of their duties, may be required to work in close proximity to helicopters.


The hazards associated with working around helicopters include noise, rotor contact and moving debris.

Actions for employers

Employers should:

  • establish procedures for working around helicopters
  • provide training to firefighters so that they understand and can manage the potential hazards associated with working around helicopters

Operating procedures

Procedures should outline:

  • potential hazards associated with working around helicopters
  • how to conduct a scene assessment to identify potential hazards and determine risk
  • how to select and establish a landing zone
  • personal protective equipment required while working around helicopters

Additional information

Information on helicopter and landing zone safety is available through ORNGE.

Fire departments should work with their local helicopter agencies to develop local procedures.

Applicable regulations and acts


  • Occupational Health and Safety Act
    • clause 25(2)(a) for providing information and instruction to a worker
    • clause 25(2)(d) for making workers aware of hazards
    • clause 25(2)(h) for taking every precaution reasonable in the circumstances to protect workers


For information and resources about landing zone safety, read ORNGE aircraft safety