Keeping Health Care Providers informed of payment, policy or program changes

To: All Physicians
Published by: Negotiations Branch, Ministry of Health
Date Issued: April 30, 2020

Physicians who wish to register as a Locum physician with a Family Health Group (FHG) or as a Contract physician with a Family Health Organization (FHO) or Family Health Network (FHN) are required to submit to the Ministry of Health (ministry) a fully completed, signed and dated application form.

Application forms to register are now available in fillable PDF versions on request by submitting an email to Primary Care Inquiries.

Once completed, a scanned copy of the application can be submitted to the ministry by email to Primary Care Inquiries. Faxed submissions or hard copies will not be accepted.

General rules for Locum/Contract physician registration:

  • The maximum registration term is one year with an option for extension
  • The ministry must receive completed and signed copies of registration forms prior to the Locum/Contract physician’s desired start date
  • As outlined in INFOBulletin # 11081, the ministry will process applications within 7 business days from the date of receipt of completed and signed registration paper work
  • Applications received after the requested start date will be processed as of the date the ministry receives the fully completed paperwork
  • A Locum/Contract physician who is also a signatory member in a Patient Enrolment Model (PEM), cannot be concurrently registered as a Locum/Contract physician with more than three other PEM groups
  • The number of Locum/Contract physicians in a PEM group cannot exceed the number of signatory physicians in the group

Applications will not be processed and returned when:

  • Required fields are incomplete
  • The application form is not signed
  • The application form is not dated
  • The application form is missing witness signatures (where applicable)
  • A copy of a valid Certificate of Authorization (COA) is not enclosed (Applies only to Contract physicians registering as a Medical Professional Corporation with a FHO or a FHN)

If you require further information on how to complete or submit the form to the ministry, please email Primary Care Inquiries and include your name and OHIP billing number.