Keeping Health Care Providers informed of payment, policy or program changes

To: Providers
Published by: Claims Services Branch, Ministry of Health
Date Issued: August 18, 2020

As per INFOBulletin #4754, the Ministry of Health (ministry) issued payments under the COVID-19 Advance Payment Program to eligible providers which were reported on the solo Remittance Advices (RAs) for May, June and July 2020.

These payments were reported under the accounting adjustment “EMERG ADVANCE PAYMENT (COVID19)”. Providers who normally submit OHIP claims under group numbers still received the advance payments on their solo RA.

Payments were issued by:

  • Direct deposit to the bank account registered with the ministry for the provider’s solo billing number.
  • Cheque when direct deposit information was not registered on ministry systems.

Viewing payment in third party billing software

If a provider receiving electronic RAs has trouble viewing the accounting adjustment section, they should contact their billing software support. This section may be displayed differently depending on the billing software used to view the RA.

Calculating total payment

The total amount of advance payments made to a provider is the sum of all “EMERG ADVANCE PAYMENT (COVID19)” accounting adjustments appearing on their solo RAs in the months of May, June and July 2020.

Recovery of advance payments

The total amount of the advance payments will be recovered in six equal installments against future OHIP payments from February 2021 to July 2021. No interest will be applied.
For example, a provider received the following advance payments:

  • May 2020 RA: EMERG ADVANCE PAYMENT (COVID19) $9,202
  • June 2020 RA: EMERG ADVANCE PAYMENT (COVID19) $10,752
  • July 2020 RA: EMERG ADVANCE PAYMENT (COVID19) $10,310

The total of advance payments made to the provider is $30,264. $30,264 divided by six is $5,044. Starting on the Feburary 2021 RA, the provider will see a recovery of $5,044 per month ending with the July 2021 RA.


For inquiries regarding the details described in this INFOBulletin, please contact the Service Support Contact Centre or call 1-800-262-6524.