OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) INFOBulletins are communications from the Ministry of Health. The communications inform of payment, policy, program or software changes.

This information requires knowledgeable interpretation and is intended primarily for members of the professional health care community. These publications are available in English only due to their technical nature.

The INFOBulletins have been arranged below by profession.

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Dentist services

Fertility clinics

Independent health facilities

Midwife services

  • N/A

Optometrist services

Physician services

Physiotherapy facilities

  • N/A

Podiatrist services

Primary health care services

Registered Nurse with Extended Class (RN(EC))

  • N/A

Billing software specifications

Interprovincial health care

OHIP INFOBulletins 2021-2023

Archived INFObulletins

Historical archive of individual INFOBulletins published prior to March 2020