A poster of health cards from across Canada effective July 2019

To: Hospital Administrators
Category: Interprovincial Health Care INFOBulletins (NA)
Published by: Health Services Branch & Hospitals Branch, Ministry of Health
Date Issued: February 9, 2021

July 2019 interprovincial health cards poster update

In July 2019, Health Canada issued an updated Health Card Poster to the Interprovincial Health Insurance Agreements Coordinating Committee (IHIACC).  This poster (attached) illustrates samples of valid insured health services plan cards for each province and territory within Canada.

No changes have been made to the reciprocal hospital billing system or procedures.  Hospitals are reminded to view and validate the health card (e.g., if the card has an expiry date, check that it has not expired) for an out-of-province patient when the patient presents for care, and prior to rendering medical services.

Please share a copy of this Bulletin and the Poster with staff registering patients for care as well as those in the billing department at your hospital (specifically those responsible for interprovincial billing).

Valid Insured Health Services Plan Cards poster dated July 2019.


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For more bulletins on interprovincial reciprocal hospital billing, please refer to the ministry website.