Claims Services Branch of the Ministry of Health has introduced subscription services for health care providers to obtain email communications

To: All Health Care Providers
Category: Dentist Services, Fertility Clinics, Independent Health Facilities, Midwife Services, Optometrist Services, Physician Services, Physiotherapy Facilities, Podiatrist Services, Primary Health Care Services, Registered Nurse with Extended Class
Published by: Claims Services Branch, OHIP Division
Date Issued: March 26, 2021

Email communications

Claims Services Branch has introduced subscription services for health care providers to obtain email communications starting April 2021 to make health care providers aware of changes or issues that impact medical claims processing, reporting, non-technical program changes or to direct providers to important and/or time sensitive information about the OHIP program.

Email will not be used to transmit personal information or personal health information.

There are options available to receive two types of digital communications by email:

  1. INFOBulletins: INFOBulletins are communications that inform of payment, policy, program or software changes.
  2. OHIP Announcements: OHIP News is a new service that shares information related to health care payments that is not technical in nature or covered under INFOBulletins. This includes items such as system outages and resolutions to outages, scheduled maintenance, announcements of new services and OHIP claims office moves or closures. OHIP News is available in English and French.

Registration for these communications is voluntary and you may change your subscription preferences at any time.

With the services being fully operationalized April 2021, those that are registered will now start receiving emails as new information to share becomes available.

The ministry will continue to post INFOBulletins, Fact Sheets and Technical Bulletins on the ministry website in order to provide detailed information related to program changes such as Schedule of Benefits changes.  Payment reports such as the Remittance Advice and Error Reports will continue to be distributed through the secure Medical Claims Electronic Data Transfer service. Claim processing requests for additional information, supporting documentation and Remittance Advice Inquiry responses will still be communicated via eSubmit.

The ministry will also continue to provide billing and payment information using multiple distribution channels as required.

Contact information

Do you have questions about this INFOBulletin? Email the Service Support Contact Centre or call 1-800-262-6524.