The Ontario Film and Television Section 21 Advisory Committee is appointed by the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development. The tripartite committee consists of Labour, Management and Government representatives. The Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development would like to extend their appreciation to the following people who have made the Safety Guidelines for the Film and Television Industry in Ontario possible.

Moira Werwikls, NABET 700 CEP, Labour Co-Chair
Jayson Mosek, CFTPA, Management Co-Chair
Laurie Januska, DGC Ontario, Treasurer
Indra Escobar, ACTRA Toronto
Richard Todd, ACTRA Toronto
Bob Hall, IATSE Local 873
Nadine Dunsmore, IATSE Local 667
Tim Corrigan, CPAT
Paula Pettit, CFTPA
Savita Singh, DGC Ontario
Rob Shea, IATSE Local 411


Don Brown, Ontario Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development
Leo Tse, Ontario Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development
Doung Till, Ontario Media Development Corporation
Rhonda Silverstone, Tornto Film and Television Office
Patti Coukell, Tornto Film and Television Office

Guests and other contributors

Katrina Baron, PACT
Linda Horz, WSIB
Lisa Raitt, Toronto Harbour Master
Sgt. Steve Henkel, Toronto Police Services, Marine Unit
Sgt. Phil Geritts, Toronto Police Services, ETF
Avi Federgreen, DGC Ontario
Donna Zuchlinski, Ontario Media Development Corporation
Brocke Jolligge, SPFX Consultant
Al Cotter, SPFX Consultant
Brian Dwight, Dwight Crane
Gary MacLeod, Rigging Consultant
Steve Lucescu, ACTRA Stunt Caucus
Brian Garry, MTCU & the Electrical Steering Committee

Working At Heights/ Fall Protection Sub Committee
Industrial Construction Sub Committee
Live Performance Health and Safety Advisory Committee
Child Performers Sub Committee

Previous members

Phil Elliot, IATSE Local 873
Colleen Norcross, IATSE Local 667
Catherine Middleton, DGCOntario
Time Storey and Saira Qureshi-Wennekers, IATSE Local 411