Given the nature of filmmaking, some Workers, particularly Department Heads and those in a creative position can impact not only the location of production but also can impact how a production set is structured and run. Where a worker has the ability to influence the working conditions of workers in general, a heightened awareness of health and safety issues must prevail and should ensure that all appropriate safeguards are in place.

Though not exhaustive, the listing of Department Heads given below, ‘typically engaged’ on film and television production(s), is an attempt to list those who may have an ability to influence the working conditions (which may amount to directing work) of workers generally or within their department.

Note: An Ontario Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development Inspector may find those who direct work to be supervisors under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. This determination will be based on the specific facts of the situation, and may or may not be consistent with the reporting structure or the collective agreements which exist.

Under the OHSA, a supervisor must carry out certain duties including:

  • Ensuring that a worker complies with the OHSA and regulations [section 27(1)(a)].
  • Ensuring that any equipment, protective device or clothing required by the employer is used or worn by the worker [section 27(1)(b)].
  • Advising a worker of any potential or actual health or safety dangers known by the supervisor [section 27(2)(a)].
  • If prescribed, provide a worker with written instructions about the measures and procedures to be taken for the worker’s protection [section 27(2)(b)].
  • Take every precaution reasonable in the circumstances for the protection of a worker [section 27(2)(c)].

The regulations under the OHSA, if applicable, contain additional duties of supervisors. Supervisors who have been convicted for an offence of failing to comply with their duties under the OHSA or for a contravention of the OHSA and its regulations may be subject to the penalties set out in section 66 of the OHSA, which may include fines of up to $25,000 and terms of imprisonment of up to twelve months, or both.

Department heads

Art Director
Camera Operator
Construction Coordinator
Costume Designer
Craftservice Provider
Key Greens
Key Grip
Head of the Hair Department
Honeywagon Operator
Lighting Director
Make-up Department Head
Production Accountant
Production Coordinator
Production Designer
Property Master
Script Supervisor
Key Scenic Painter
Set Decorator
Sound Recordist/Mixer
Special Effects Coordinator
Technical Director
Transportation Coordinator