This guideline applies to any towed vehicle or trailer specifically designed to carry personnel, equipment or other vehicles. Process trailers are towed by a camera car or heavier equipment designed to carry or pull a load of the size required for the shot.

  1. Any vehicle or camera platform towed by a camera car should be considered to be part of the camera car and subject to all requirements outlined under the Camera Car Guideline #17.
  2. Only essential persons required for the shot should be on the towed vehicle. All other persons should be on the camera car. Towing combinations does not increase the number of allowable persons indicated in the Camera Car Guideline #17.
  3. All equipment, including but not limited to specialized equipment such as camera dollies, boom arms, lighting fixtures, grip equipment or special effects equipment should be secured to the vehicle or have a safety strap.
  4. Rear Towing - no person should be on the tow-bar or the exterior of the towed vehicle, except a stunt person who is a qualified to deal with the danger and risk involved. This does not include any towed camera platform designed for such a purpose.
  5. Extra caution should be used when working on vehicles during adverse conditions (e.g. bad weather, stunts, and use of explosives).
  6. Any electrical circuits shall be certified by Canadian Standards Association (CSA) or Electrical Safety Authority (ESA), required by section 40 of Reg. 851. In addition, they shall be designed for outside use and have a ground fault interrupter device attached (as per section 44.1 of Reg. 851).