The following recommendations apply where skydiving will be used in filming. The term "Certified Parachutist" means a parachutist holding a current and valid certification card issued by a nationally or internationally recognized certification organization such as the Canadian Sport Parachuting Association.

  1. Consultation between the Stunt Coordinator, the Special Effects Coordinator, the Production Manager, and the Director and Camera Operator will determine if skydiving is necessary for a particular scene.
  2. Once a determination is made, the Canadian Sport Parachuting Association (or equivalent association) should be contacted to determine what type of endorsement or certification by the Parachutist would be required for the planned skydive(s).
  3. When the information mentioned in #2 above is obtained then a Skydive Coordinator should be named. The Skydive Coordinator should have an endorsement or certificate equal to, or greater than, that of the Parachutist(s).
  4. The Skydive Coordinator is responsible for the safety of the skydive. Factors such as location, weather, communication, and security should be part of safety evaluation.
  5. Before each jump, all persons involved should be thoroughly briefed. There should be a "dry run" on the ground at the site.
  6. All equipment, props, wardrobe, etc., should be made available to the Skydive Coordinator prior to the skydive for safety evaluation. Final safety approval rests with the Skydive Coordinator with respect to equipment and wardrobe used in the jump.

Note: The pilot should be endorsed for skydiving.