1. This guideline should be read in conjunction with the (Regulation for First Aid Requirements R.R.O. 1990, Reg. 1101) under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, 1997.
  2. The location of first aid kit(s) should be recorded on the call sheet. Also to be noted on the call sheet are the identities of the First Aider, set Nurse(s), Paramedic(s) and/or Doctor(s), as well as the designated Health and Safety Representative(s), for each union.
  3. Every person should take precautions that are reasonable in their specific circumstances to protect their own health and safety and that of all cast and crew at or near the workplace, including the general public.
  4. At least one (1) person on each set or location (including prep work) should be identified as a First Aider. The identification of the First Aider(s) should be determined by the Producer taking into consideration shooting and location requirements. The First Aider(s) will be:
    1. in chargeof a first aid kit; (provided by the Producer with the items required by Reg. 1101)
    2. available to treat an injured person(s)
    3. easily accessible for prompt treatment and
    4. qualified in first aid to the standards required by Reg. 1101
  5. Anyone who sustains an injury at a workplace should, without undue delay, use the first aid services and supplies provided by the Production Company.
  6. Where first aid is administered to an injured person in the workplace, the applicable incident reporting forms shall be filed in a timely manner. The following information should be included:
    1. the name of the injured person
    2. the date and time of the injury
    3. the exact location and nature of the injury to the worker
    4. the time when first aid was administered
    5. the nature of first aid treatment provided
    6. the name of the person who provided the first aid (e.g. First Aider, Nurse, Doctor or Paramedic)

    Note: Extra care needs to be taken when collecting, using and disclosing this information, from a privacy perspective. Confidential medical information should be collected and maintained in a manner consistent with the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004.

  7. The production company at its expense shall ensure that first aid supplies and services required by the regulations are provided, supplied, maintained, and easily accessible to the cast and crew during working hours. Confidential medical information should be collected and maintained in a manner consistent with the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004.
  8. Prior to the commencement of any work during the course of the production, the Production Manager, in consultation with the appropriate key personnel, should submit to the Producer for approval a listing of first aid services to be provided which should include:
    1. the number of cast and crew as determined by the production, shooting and location requirements
    2. description of first aid available
    3. the planned methods of emergency transportation and
    4. the methods of two-way communication available

    Note: Sections 8, 9 and 10 of Reg. 1101 prescribe specific first aid items that must be provided depending on the size of the workforce. When 200 or more cast and crew members are working on any one shift, a first aid room should be provided by the Producer, and contain the items required by Reg. 1101.

  9. Where cast and crew are engaged in work at a location, the Production Manager, with the assistance of the Location Manager, should provide the Heads of Departments with:
    1. a list of emergency contacts
    2. a planned method of emergency transportation and
    3. a suitable first aid kit at each location and trained first aid personnel
  10. When stunt, SPFX, fire, underwater, or work at water’s edge, etc. is scheduled, a properly trained medical provider for the circumstance (i.e. paramedics, lifeguards, etc.) should be standing by on set to administer medical treatment and emergency transportation as may be required. This guideline should be read and used in conjunction with Guideline #30, Water Hazards.