All camera boom vehicles should follow all the requirements in the Camera Car Guideline #17.

  1. The speed of the camera boom vehicle should never exceed the safe operating speed set forth by the individual manufacturer or at a speed which may endanger the safe handling of the vehicle or safe operation of the boom arm as determined by the driver/operator.
  2. Any person riding in the boom arm shall wear an approved seat belt at all times (as required by section 148(e) of O. Reg. 213/91).
  3. Always rehearse shots under controlled conditions to ascertain safety in movement, not only of the vehicle but of the boom arm as well.
  4. Camera personnel should only mount and dismount when given permission by the operator in control of the camera arm. Arm balance should always be maintained.
  5. Always use wheel chocks to prevent crane movement on a sloped surface, ratchet lock brakes for added temporary security and never trust hydraulic brakes for permanent hold.
  6. Maximum payload on boom arm nose should never be more than the load specified by the manufacturer.
  7. Payloads should be decreased in proportion to the length of the extensions.
  8. On any extension configuration, check with the manufacturer or operator’s manual for allowable load.
  9. The camera boom vehicle and boom arm should be checked before use and after use by a competent person who is a qualified experienced driver/operator. That operator must be present during any use of the vehicle or boom arm. The driver operator should have the authority to make any adjustments that may affect the safe operation of the vehicle and or boom arm.
  10. When a boom arm is being used, special consideration should be given to the safety of personnel working on vehicles during adverse conditions (e.g. bad weather, stunts and use of explosives).