1. Adequate flush or chemical toilets with hand-washing facilities should be made available for the use of employees (crew/cast and extras) within easy access of their place of work. This is especially necessary for lunchroom set-ups or where food is served. Requirements for washrooms on construction projects are found insections 29 and 30 of O. Reg. 213/91 and when Industrial Regulations apply in section 120 of Reg. 851.
  2. An adequate supply of safe drinking water shall be kept readily accessible for cast and crew. Drinking water requirements are found in section 28 of O. Reg. 213/91 and in section 132 of Reg. 851.
  3. Holding areas (where extras wait for their set call) should be properly heated and ventilated with suitable emergency escapes and seating capacity.
  4. Cast and crew exposed to long hours in adverse exterior conditions (heat or cold stress) should be provided with appropriate items to combat such adverse conditions (i.e. , temporary shelter, heated washroom facilities, temporary heating devices, hot shots, hot drinks, blankets, adequate fluids, etc.) See Appendix C.
  5. The 1st Assistant Director should communicate the safety/emergency plan by either tailgate discussion or by call sheet, or both (see Safety Responsibilities and Duties, 1st Assistant Director).