This guideline is intended to be a reference for personnel using production vehicles.

  1. All equipment and vehicles used in transporting equipment and/or personnel shall comply with all Transport Canada and Ontario Ministry of Transportation requirements. All equipment and vehicles must display a current Safety Inspection sticker that is acceptable to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. In addition, the equipment and vehicles shall be maintained in good condition (as per section 25(1)(b of OHSA) ).
  2. All drivers of equipment and vehicles shall be experienced, qualified and licensed to drive such equipment and vehicles, and must hold a valid/current driver’s license.
  3. Prior to operation, all drivers should perform a circle check of the vehicle and address any concerns immediately, and should not operate the vehicle until safety concerns are addressed.
  4. Where it is necessary to transport explosives, chemicals or hazardous materials, the vehicle must display any Hazardous Material symbols required by Transport Canada under the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act and Regulations and must comply with all requirements.
  5. Where it is necessary to transport explosives, chemicals or hazardous materials, the driver/operator must hold a current Industry Transportation of Dangerous Goods Certificate and have taken WHMIS training. In addition, section 25(2)(a) of OHSA requires employers to provide information, instruction and supervision to a worker to protect the health and safety of the worker.
  6. All towed vehicles and equipment should have hitches that meet the regulated standards as set out in the weight regulations of the Ministry of Transportation, and should be inspected and approved by the Key Grip or other qualified personnel.
  7. Any equipment not essential to the sequence should not be transported on or in the camera car.
  8. Rear Towing - no person should be on the tow-bar or the exterior of the towed vehicle, except a Stunt person who is qualified to deal with the danger and risk involved. This does not include any towed camera platform designed for such a purpose.
  9. Extra consideration should be given to the safety of personnel working on such vehicles during adverse conditions (e.g. bad weather, stunts and use of explosives).
  10. The vehicle should only carry as many people as seat belts, and every person travelling in a motor vehicle should wear their seatbelt.