Purpose of the Standard

To provide details of the board's consultation process to the ministry and to the public

Requirements of the Standard

In developing and modifying their special education plan, boards must take into consideration issues and feedback from members of the community such as parents, members of school councils, community organizations, and students. This public consultation, which takes place with the assistance of the board's Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC), must be maintained on a continuous basis throughout the year.

The board's special education plan must describe the consultation process and must include the following materials:

  • a statement of how, in accordance with Regulation 464/97 made under the Education Act, the board ensures that its SEAC is involved in the annual review of the board's special education plan
  • a description of any majority or minority reports concerning the board's approved plan that have been received from members of the board's SEAC
  • the board's response to these reports
  • a statement of how members of the community, particularly parents of children who are receiving special education programs and services, are informed of the timelines and methods for providing input into the board's special education plan
  • a summary of feedback received as a result of consultation with members of the community

The special education plan must also provide information on the results of any internal or external reviews of existing special education programs and services within the board that have taken place in the previous or current school year. A list of internal and external reviews of the board's special education programs and services that are planned for the following year must also be included.

Compliance with the Standard

The ministry will review each school board's special education plan to ensure that these materials are included and that the consultation process meets the ministry's requirements. The ministry will review the SEAC's reports and summary of parent feedback to determine whether concerns have been raised about possible inconsistencies between the board's plan and priorities and legislation and ministry policy and whether the board's response adequately addresses these concerns.