This guide is divided into the following sections:

  • Part A: Legislation, Policy, and Funding describes the legislative and policy framework for special education programs and services, including funding for special education.
  • Part B: Standards for School Boards' Special Education Plans reproduces in full the text portion of the policy document Standards for School Boards' Special Education Plans (2000), which describes the province-wide standards that school boards must meet when developing their special education plans.
  • Part C: Early Identification, Assessment, and Transition Planning describes the steps that should be taken to ensure effective program planning for students with special education needs.
  • Part D: The Identification, Placement, and Review Committee (IPRC) Process describes the IPRC and appeals processes as set out in Regulation 181/98.
  • Part E: The Individual Education Plan (IEP) provides a guide to the development of an IEP, including a transition plan, according to province-wide standards and recent policy/program memoranda.
  • Part F: Other Programs and Services focuses on special education programs and services offered by institutions other than school boards and by ministries other than but related to the Ministry of Education.
  • The Glossary contains definitions of frequently used terminology in special education.

Most sections in Special Education in Ontario, Kindergarten to Grade 12 include electronic links to the Education Act, regulations, policy documents, and policy/program memoranda. References to support documents and resources are also included. Active links to related sections or items within the Special Education in Ontario, Kindergarten to Grade 12 document itself are also provided.

Special education programs and services in Ontario are constantly evolving in order to ensure that students with special education needs have every opportunity to succeed. This guide will be updated as required.