Component: Intervenors Services

Legislation: Ministry of Community and Social Services  Act (MCSS)

Service objectives

To administer and provide a provincially consistent application mechanism for adults who are deafblind to access MCCSS-funded Intervenor Services.

Service description

Individuals served

People who are deafblind, who are residents of Ontario, and are at least 17 ½ years old who are applying to receive MCCSS-funded Intervenor Services.

Six months prior to a person's 18th birthday, the Applicant or their Representative of Choice may access the AIS to confirm eligibility, schedule and complete the assessment package (when applicable), and receive navigational supports to assist with the planning and/or transitioning to adult Intervenor Services, including selection of a service provider.

Specific service provided

  • Provide a provincially consistent application mechanism through an online portal for people seeking MCCSS-funded Intervenor Services
  • Provide a seamless experience for Applicants and Representatives of Choice (when applicable) as they move along the service pathway

Intake and Assessment

  • Act as the primary contact and provide information and navigational supports to persons who are deafblind and/or their Representative of Choice (when applicable), and the public about the MCCSS-funded Intervenor Services program, including, but not limited to eligibility criteria and the application process

Support initial intake through the collection of basic Applicant and, when applicable, Representative of Choice information.
Oversee confirmation of eligibility for all new Applicants to the MCCSS-funded Intervenor Services system according to established eligibility criteria.

  • Schedule assessments for Applicants requesting more than 24 hours per week of Intervenor Services. Assign assessors and securing intervenor or interpreter required for assessment
  • Oversight and management of assessment appeals in consultation with ministry to ensure appeals are being considered within the appropriate parameters
  • Conduct reassessments as required based on changes to individual support needs

Enable the delivery of various notifications through the Single Point of Access to Applicants, Representatives of Choice (when applicable), Assessors, Coordinator, service providers, and the ministry to meet policy and operational program requirements.

Hold prioritization and service registry information for Residential Intervenor Services and Intervenor Services for Community Participation streams.

Serve as the province's database for all people receiving, and those applying for, MCCSS-funded Intervenor Services.

Data Management and Reporting

  • Serve as the province's database for all people receiving, and those applying for, MCCSS-funded Intervenor Services
  • Respond to regular reporting requirements and ministry information requests, as necessary and appropriate

Out of scope services and activities

Development of service and support profiles for Applicants.

Scheduling or coordination of clinical assessments to support confirmation of eligibility requirements.

Assessments that are provided in the context of other services, such as educational, employment, health or mental health.

Delivery method

The AIS will be delivered through an online portal and/or in person in a manner that is

  • Person-driven and provided in the person's preferred language and/or communication method; and
  • Sensitive to the social, linguistic and cultural diversity of people, families, and communities, including Indigenous communities

Single point of access services will be provided by Transfer Payment Recipient staff that

  • Possess relevant sector, service system and program knowledge, experience, training, certification and/or college level diplomas in the human services field, including Intervenor Services, Developmental Services and/or American Sign Language/Langue des signes québécoise
  • Demonstrate the appropriate technical and behavioural competencies required to respond effectively to the needs of the person who is deafblind

Program/Service features

The primary role of the AIS is to provide a provincially consistent application mechanism for adults who are deafblind to access MCCSS-funded Intervenor Services. For the purposes of this Guideline, the AIS encompasses a broad range of activities. Activities include, but are not limited to, confirming program eligibility, scheduling assessments where applicable, enabling notifications, and providing information and connecting people who are deafblind and their families to community and agency resources.

Further, the AIS will also coordinate on behalf of the ministry a specific process to capture information that will be used to inform the prioritization of available funding, and, when required, the establishment and holding of service registries for Residential Intervenor Services and Intervenor Services for Community Participation streams.

The AIS  will provide the ministry with anonymized data that may be used in the forecasting and planning of current and future service needs.

Program goals

To provide a provincially consistent application mechanism for Ontarians who are deafblind, and their families/Representatives of Choice (where applicable), to access MCCSS-funded Intervenor Services through an online portal to empower them with choice, independence, and inclusion in their communities.

Ministry expectations

  • Conduct outreach activities to increase awareness of the AIS and its role
  • Build and maintain effective partnerships within the Intervenor Services sector, and across sectors where appropriate (e.g., Developmental Services)
  • Consult with other Intervenor partners and seek ministry approvals on any modifications or revisions to AIS platform and operations.  The Deafblind Network of Ontario (DBNO) and Sensity work in partnership with the Ministry for oversight and administration of the AIS
  • Develop administration and operational policies for the AIS
  • Participate in ministry working groups and provide input, feedback and implementation support of ministry initiatives
    • The Transfer Payment Recipient (TPR) to alert the ministry of any issues related to the functionality of the AIS (e.g., backlog, and any significant complaints and trends)
    • Ensure customer service standard (e.g., set timeline for responding to consumers)
    • Ensure service continuity (e.g., AIS Coordinator back-up)
    • TPR will update and maintain the AIS website

Personal information

The AIS will collect, access, and disclose personal information stored in the database in accordance with any applicable legal requirements

  • The TPR is responsible for the safeguarding, privacy and security of personal information held in the database and will ensure that only authorized users will have access to personal information obtained from Applicants and Representatives of Choice, as required for the performance of their duties. The TPR will migrate consumer information held with service providers to the AIS

Reporting requirements

The following service data will be reported on at an Interim and Final stage. Please refer to your final agreement for report back due dates and targets.

Service Data NameDefinition

AIS : Ministry-funded Agency Expenditures

Total ministry-funded expenses for the Transfer Payment Recipient to administer and/or deliver this program in the reporting year (cumulative).