Component: Victim Services

Legislation: Ministry of Community and Social Services Act

Service description

The Province is providing funding to the Recipient to provide ongoing maintenance and technical support for Participants in the Supporting Senior Victims of Crime online training for victim service providers to better assist seniors affected by violent crime.

Funding is being provided as part of an ongoing process to update the training content including additional materials as required and continue promoting the training to service providers to allow them to be more able to identify and respond to the needs of seniors affected by violent crime as well as coordinate community responses and referrals.

People served

Service providers across the province.

Program/service features

Specific service provided

The Recipient will

  • Maintain the existing online training platform and provide technical support to facilitate service providers to access the training until the end of fiscal year 2023- 24
  • Update the website content and handbook based on feedback received from Participants as well as recent developments involving improved practices relating to better addressing the need of older victims of crime
  • Host a series of four webinars in each year, offering Participants the opportunity to interact with the training development team, ask questions and engage in conversations with subject matter experts, other service providers that work with older populations
  • Continue promoting the training program to encourage service providers across the province to participate in the online training

Program goals

The goals of this initiative are to ensure ongoing access and user support to the existing online training, and to enhance the training to provide additional/updated information for its Participants, increase service providers’ ability to identify and respond to the unique needs of seniors affected by violent crime, including those impacted by domestic violence and/or sexual assault, as well as to help service providers coordinate community responses and referrals across sectors.

Ministry expectations

The Recipient will participate in the evaluation of services through the submission of financial/statistical reports and other processes identified by the Province.

The Recipient will evaluate the uptake and effectiveness of the curriculum and online training, based on criteria to be developed jointly with the Province. This will include an analysis of any written or verbal feedback received from training Participants as demonstrated through feedback surveys conducted in both English and French.

Reporting requirements

Service data on ministry funded expenditures will be reported on at an Interim and Final stage. Please refer to your final agreement for report back due dates and targets.

Service Data NameDefinition

Ministry-funded Agency Expenditures: Supporting Senior Victims of Crime Online Training Initiative (SSVC)

Total ministry-funded expenses for the Transfer Payment Recipient to administer and/or deliver the Supporting Senior Victims of Crime Online Training program in the reporting year (cumulative).